Python Programming Full Course (Basics,OOP,Modules,PyQt)

The Complete Python Programming Course (Basics, OOP, Modules, PyQt) With More Than 100 Example And Final GUI Project

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn Python Basics
  • Learn How To Treat With Loops

  • Learn How To Treat With Conditions

  • Learn How To Define A Functions
  • Learn How To Treat With IO Files
  • Learn How To Treat With Errors Using Exception Handling
  • Learn More About Python Modules like time, OS
  • Learn What Is Object-Oriented Programming
  • Learn How To Create A Class
  • Learn How To Treat With Objects, Self, Methods, and Attributes
  • Learn How To Treat With Constructors, Inheritance, And Polymorphism
  • Learn How To Write A Powerful App Using Examples of Code
  • Nothing ^_^


When You Start Learning Python You Will Face Many Problems Like ..How To Study Programming..? How To Apply What You Have Learned ..?? How To Use Things You Have Learned ?? What Is After Basics..? What Is The Most Common Python Modules Should I Learn..? How To Develop Apps Like Download Managers Or Media Players??. How Can I Connect Every Thing I Have Learned To Make Useful Applications For Me ?? How To Think When You Face A problem & How To Solve It .. ???

All These Questions I Have Answered In This Course .. :

1: I Started From Scratch. From What Is Programming ??

2: I Will Show You How To Install Python On Your Machine

3: I Will Teach You All Python Basics

4: Then We Will Learn Some Useful Python Modules

5: Then I Will Teach You Python Object Oriented Programming With Examples

6: Then I Will Explain Exception Handling In Details With Examples

7: Then We Will See Some Python Projects To Learn How To Think

8: Then i Will Teach You GUI With Python & PYQT

9: Then We Will Learn About Qt Widgets In Details

10: Then I Will Teach You How To Use Designer To Design Complex Applications

11:Then I Will Teach You How To Build A Download Application

12: Then I Will Teach You How To Make This App exe And Distribute it

13: I Solve All The Problems You Will Face To Learn And I Give You The Way To Solve Any Problem You Have

14: A lot Of Examples In Easy Way With Some Other Tips That Makes You A Greet Developer Waiting You .. Enroll Now And Start ^_^

Who is the target audience?
  • Any one Want To Understand and Learn Programming
  • Any one Want To Understand and Learn Python

Created by Mahmoud Ahmed
Last updated 7/2018
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